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1. Premise
The Housing Contract -  between the Client and Home2Home srl, with registered office in Milan, Piazzale  Aquileia 24, Part.Iva 05644800962- having as object the lease agreement for temporary purposes of a Property from the Client and additional  services provided by the Company, is regulated by the following General Conditions of Contract that complete the agreement attached to the contract itself.

2. Definitions
As used in the General  Conditions of Contract and in the contract documents the following terms in art.2 shall have the meaning as stated herunder:



indicates Home2Home srl, as better identified in the premise.


indicates  the person who, as interested in using  and temporary leasing  a Property, stipulates an agreement  with  Home2Home srl, which has,  as object,  its usage  and  additional services.


indicates the Real Property (for example a flat), owned by  HometoHome or by a third party, of which Home2Home srl grants the Client its  use (or the possession), having the rights to manage it .


means the contractual proposal that the Client addresses to the Company,  by signing the contract form sent  by the Company. Sending that form doesn’t mean a public offering and therefore, is never binding  for the Company. It just means an invitation call to the Client.


indicates the contract ( named Housing Contract ) stipulated between the Client and the Company having as object the use, or temporary lease, of a Property with supply of additional services, if requested,  by the Company.

Stipulation of Contract

the Housing contract shall be deemed as made and entered into force,   according to art.1326 Italian Civil Code, upon receipt by the Client, by fax or mail, of the official booking confirmation, therefore after receiving the acceptance of the Contract Form signed by HometoHome.


means the total amount, taxes excluded, for the use and/or  possession of the Property during the entire rental  period as agreed by Parties in the Contract.

Booking Fee

the booking fee corresponds to a deposit of  40% of the total price that the Client  shall pay at the moment of the booking . This amount, at the moment of Stipulation of Contract, takes value and effects of earnest money deposit, as stated in art.1385 Italian Civil Code.

Security  Deposit

means  the amount that the Client shall deposit at the Check in, as guarantee for all obligations towards the Company arisen by signing the Contract.

Check In

means  the registration and handover of the Property which are made at the moment  of the Client’s admission into the Property.

Check Out

means check and inspection operations which are made before exiting the Property.

Late Check Out

when the Client leaves  the Property  passed  office hours ( Monday through Friday 9 AM / 7 PM).

No Show

when the Client doesn’t arrive at the prearranged day or  time previously agreed for the check in and handover of the  Property. (Don’t be a no show).


means the services included in the price as: furnishings, initial cleaning, welcome kit, bath soaps, 1 bottle of water, electric, gas and water consumption.

Additional services

means  additional services ( internet access, laundry service, ironing service, flowers supply, baby-sitting service etc.)  as required by the Client at the moment of the booking,  with the appropriate form.

Extra costs

means the extra costs of all optional services as requested by the Client at the moment of the booking.


3. Property selection and Information
3.1. The Client interested in leasing a Property will be able to choose it directly visiting the website

3.2. To receive more informations about prices, availability and features of  a Property, the Client can contact Home2Home srl as follows:

  • phone (+39) 02-45490980
  • fax (+39) 02-99981721
  • email at filling in the predisposed form available on the website
    The inquiry is not to be intended as a final agreement

4. Booking and Contract Agreement
4.1. If  the selected Property, or another equivalent, is available, the Company will send to the Client, either by fax or by email, a Contract Form with:

  • Property’s description
  • Length  of leasing
  • Maximum number of persons allowed to use the Property
  • Cost of the rental and payment conditions
  • Deposit conditions and method of payment
  • All inclusive services
  • Extra services requested by the Client and related costs

Sending that form doesn’t mean a public offer and therefore, is never binding for the Company. It just means an invitation call to the Client.
4.2. For the booking the Client will:

  • fill in the blanks of the Contract Form
  • sign it
  • fax it to the Company at (+39) 02- 99981721 along with receipt of the first payment (40% of the total price), as the following art. 8, complying with its related procedure, and copy of a valid I.D.: (Passport, Identity Card, Driving  Licence) of each  person that will stay in the Property.

Signing the Contract form and sending it to the Company shall deemed to be considered a contractual proposal from the Client to the Company itself and the latter shall have the option to accept it or not.

5. Housing Contract Conclusion 
5.1. The conclusion of the Housing Contract shall be subject to the Company’s acceptance of the Client’s proposal according to the procedures set forth in the above mentioned art.4.2., and according to the availability of the Property chosen (or of any other Property that the Company shall indicate in case the desired Property shall not be available).
The Housing contract enter to a final agreement, according to art.1326 Italian Civil Code, when the Client  receives, by  fax or mail, official booking confirmation, therefore after receiving the acceptance of the Contract Form signed by Home2Home.

6. Proposal Retraction, Client withdrawal, No Show
6.1. In case of withdrawal of  Booking, by Client retraction of the proposal as stated in art.1328 Italia Civil Code ( or where the Client  withdrawal incurred before the conclusion of the Housing Contract, according to the above mentioned article ) the Company shall refund the Client the amount  previously paid together  with the booking. ( said amount, shall not be considered as an earnest money deposit yet).
6.2. In case of withdrawal  by the Client after the Housing Contract Closing but before Check in, the Company will be entitled to retain the booking fee deposited at the Booking Confirmation.
6.3. In case of withdrawal by the Client after Check in, the Client will lose the entire amount.

7. Length of stay
7.1. The length of the Housing Contract, which is the rental period, will be indicated in the Booking Confirmation. The Contract will extinguish without need of notice on the expiration date. The Client will leave then the Property.

8. Prices and payment
8.1 The prices on the Contract Form shall be referred  to the total amount of the entire rental period. Said prices  include electricity , gas and water consumption and initial cleaning.
8.2 The booking fee corresponds to a down deposit of  40% of the total price and it will be paid at the moment of the booking. According to art.1385 Italian Civil Code said amount is deemed to be considered as an earnest money deposit as the Contract is signed between the parties.
8.3. The extra costs refer to all optional services such as: daily or weekly cleaning, extra linen change, laundry service, internet access etc, as required by the Client with the appropriate form “Optional Services” attached to the Contract.
8.4. All the payments will be made by the Client with the following conditions:

  • credit card : Visa and Mastercard transmitting by mail or phone all bank details necessary for the transaction
  • bank transfer on  Credito Artigiano Ag.8  Milano IBAN : IT 74 M0351201611000000001487  BIC SWIFT : ARTI IT M2  
    sending payment receipt by fax or mail to the Company

9. Security Deposit
9.1. At the Check in, the Client shall be required to provide the amount set forth in the Contract form, as a deposit fee.
9.2. Said deposit will be returned to the Client by the Company within a week after the departure, upon inspection of the Property and in conformity of the Client’s contract-obligation.
9.3. It is understood that should the Property be found to have been damaged by the Client, the Company will be entitled to retain said deposit, without prejudice to the Company’s right to any claim compensation for any further caused damage.

10. Replacement of the Property
If for causes of force majeure or for any contingencies beyond its control, the Company is unable to guarantee the Client the chosen Property, it will be replaced with another of identical or superior quality.

11. Check in – Check out
11.1. The Property’s keys will be handed over to the Client by the Company’s employee, at such location and time as agreed by prior arrangements. The Client will give timely notice to the employee of any delay. The employee will also provide the Client with a form containing a brief description of the conditions of the Property, its belongings, annexed property, items contained therein on that date.
11.2. Check out, including check and inspection operations, will be carry out at the moment of the Client’s departure as stipulated in the Housing Contract.
In case of check in/ check out outside office hours therefore Monday through Friday before 9 am and after 7 pm, on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays an extra charge of Euro 30 will be applied.

12. Client Obligations
12.1. The Client cannot change in any way the purpose of the Property use, cannot give it to a third party and agrees that the maximum number of people entitled to occupy the Property is the one set forth in the Booking Confirmation.
12.2. Upon agreeing that the Property meets the description, the parties undersign the Delivery Form in which the Client declares that the Property suits his/hers needs and its belongings are in good condition. The Client declares, in addition, to return them in the same condition and exonerate the Company from any injuries and damages caused to others in the Property.
12.3. The Client undertakes:

  • to avoid any disturbance to neighbours  
  • to take reasonable care and adopt the necessary safety measures to avoid unauthorized persons from entering the Property  
  • to not introduce pets of any kind in the Property, unless expressly authorized in writing by the Company  
  • to not reproduce and/or give to third parties the keys of the Property and/or reveal any codes of access of the Property. Loss of keys will entitle compensation of the cost of new locks and of 2 sets of keys.

13. Clause of termination by operation of law
13.1. The Company may terminate the rental Contract, according to art.1456 Italian Civil Code, by mailing or faxing written notice to the Client in the following events:

  • violation of the prohibition to change the use of the Property and by occupying it with a number of people superior to that set forth in the Contract .
  • in case of non – payment of the balance under the terms and conditions set forth in the Contract Form
  • in case of non – payment of the security deposit under the terms and conditions set forth in the Contract form
  • in case of bad conduction of the property

14. Limitation of Liability
14.1. The amount of damages due to the Client by the Company shall not exceed the amount actually paid by the Client to the Company under the Rental Contract.
14.2. The Company will not be liable to the Client for any suspensions/interruptions beyond its control of electricity, gas or water supply.

15. Exoneration of Liability
The Company is not liable for any damages caused by harmful exhalations, losses, thefts, noises, water infiltrations, bad weather conditions and in any case events of force majeure.

16. Right of access to the Property
The employee and/or third parties appointed by the Company, identifiable upon request from the Client, will be allowed into the Property to carry out any necessary repair and/or maintenance work. The Client will be notified in advance, with exception of matters of great urgency.

17. Complaints
Any complaint must be report, by mail or fax, by the Client immediately or within 10 days from the departure.

18. Cost and tax treatment of the Contract
18.1. The costs of the eventual entry of the Contract and its renewal, stamp tax and release are full load  of  the Company; IVA,  if due, is full load of  the Client

19. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction
19.1. Any agreement between the Client and the Company is subjected to the Italian Law.
19.2. Any controversy between the Client and the Company regarding validity, interpretation or execution of this Contract will be effective in the Court of Milan.

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