Housing services for companies and firms

Home2Home offers specific services for companies who need to find a short term housing solution in Milan for their colleagues and employees.

The short-term rental, which provides a lease from a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 1 year, certainly offers a bigger saving if compared to the cost of residences and hotels, and guarantees to the final customer all the comforts and privacy of a home.

Home2Home offers a wide range of apartments of various sizes, located in different areas of the city, always well connected to public transports, making possible to find the optimal solution for your company. 

We provide various housing solutions, from one/two room apartments, to bigger flats, who can host more people giving you the chance to lower rental expenses, comparing to hotels and residences.
Bigger flats are also the ideal solution for companies and firms which need to provide accommodation to more than one employee, offering to each of them their own privacy. 

Home2Home staff helps companies to find the housing solutions that more adapt to the client's needs, offering a personal service assistance aiming to ease the housing's management. 

Many companies already chose us because:

  • our short-term rental services are “on demand”; every apartment is rented exclusively for the time requested avoiding the possible extra costs of an unused, but still rented, flat 
  • it is possible to arrange your colleagues stay even with very short notice; you can also extend the period of stay with only 15 days of advance notice
  • our apartments are the best solution for business trips and allow the clients to work, organize meetings and receive guests in complete privacy
  • you do not have to worry about the flat's maintenance
  • we offer: customer assistance, customised offers, fast reaction times to specific company's requests
  • prices are per flat and not per person, as in hotels and residences
  • agreed payment solutions, via bank transfer or credit card
  • clear and specific tailor made invoicing

Our clients:

NTTData, Toyota, Salini-Impregilo, Poste Italiane, Eataly, Pomellato, Diesel, ADP, Teatro Parenti, Gilmar, Istituto Internazionale di Ricerca (IIR) and many more.

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About us

Home2Home has been operating in the real estate business for seven years and it specialises in short-term rentals within the area of Milan city. Our Team is made by highly skilled real estate professionals who since the company's foundation have been dealing with more than 400 different clients. We offer specific services and customised offers both for private clients and companies. Helping you to find the best solution considering your specific needs is our main goal.

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Short-term rental in Milan

Whether you need a temporary housing solution for work, travel, study or other personal reasons, Home2Home has the ideal solution for you: the short-term rental. Our flexible contracts go from a one-week lease to a maximum of one year rent. To rent an apartment with a short-term type of contract is a valid alternative option to a hotel or a residence: you get the same comforts but with the advantage to feel as comfortable as in your own home.

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Home To Home S.r.l
Via Stromboli, 3 20144 - Milano

Phone +39.02.45490980

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